Be grateful everyday…

Last week I had a phone call from the Make A Wish Foundation asking me if my company Strawberry Fundaes could help with an urgent wish.
Tomorrow I fly to Cairns to make this little girls wish come true as one of my special characters.
Not only am I super excited and honoured to be a part of this wish, but I feel moments like these make you stop and realise life is precious.

Years ago I was made redundant from my full time performing job at Movieworld.
I was so sad because all I had know for those previous 5 years was a world of fun and performing in an environment that would often boost ones ego. It was so hard to leave because I had so many friends there and I just loved the feeling of being on stage with them.

But this redundancy was a blessing because I had a door open to a world that made me appreciate life more than ever.
I became a Captain Starlight and on a daily basis got to be a part of brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families.
Not to mention the beautiful friendships I made along the way.
I feel blessed to have had that opportunity.

Often we get caught up in everyday things like I must have more money or I would be happy if I had all these other material things, but we really need to stop and be happy for what we have right now.
Respect and appreciate friendships and family who are more valuable than all the money in the world.

I am grateful to be a costume character who will bring some light to this little girls world tomorrow.

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